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The ASWF Governing Board (GB) is responsible for marketing and other business oversight and budget decisions for the Foundation. The GB does not make technical decisions, other than working with the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) to set the overall scope for the ASWF. The GB currently consists of these representatives:

Andrew Pearce

VP of Global Technology at DreamWorks

Andrew Pearce is VP of Global Technology at DreamWorks, where his projects have included establishing an analytics infrastructure at the studio, establishing technology platforms for DreamWorks TV, and spearheading Open Source initiatives such as ASWF, and OpenVDB which won a Sci/Tech Academy Award for its inventors.

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Andy Maltz

Senior Vice President, Academy Science and Technology Council

Andy Maltz is the founding head of staff of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Science Technology Council.

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Brady Woods

Microsoft Director of Outreach & Engagement for Media and Gaming

Brady is Director of Global Outreach and Engagement for Microsoft Azure’s Gaming and Media vertical.

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Buzz Hays

Global Lead for Entertainment Industry Solutions at Google Cloud

Buzz Hays is the Global Lead for Entertainment Industry Solutions at Google Cloud. He is a certified Google Cloud Professional Solutions Architect who is an expert in technology solutions for media and entertainment.

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Chris Hall

Director Of Software Development at AMD

Chris Hall is Director Of Software Development at AMD

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Colette Mullenhoff

Member, Science and Technology Council

Colette Mullenhoff is a Senior R&D Engineer at Industrial Light & Magic.

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Darin Grant

Group Chief Technology Officer at Animal Logic

Darin joined Animal Logic in 2018 as the Group Chief Technology Officer. Darin is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, with a focus on content management, production pipelines and workflows across Animal Logic’s multiple locations.

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Dr. Eric Bourque

VP Content Creation at Autodesk

Dr. Eric Bourque is VP of Content Creation products for Media & Entertainment at Autodesk.

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Dr. Michael B. Johnson

Pro Workflow Architect, Systems Architecture & Design at Apple

Dr. Michael B. Johnson is a member of the Pro Workflow team at Apple.

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Dr. Paul Salvini

Global Chief Technology Officer at DNEG

Paul Salvini serves as Global Chief Technology Officer at DNEG. He is responsible for leading the company’s technology vision, managing its global technology and R&D teams, and overseeing technology initiatives.

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Golriz Fanai

Product and Technology Leader, Amazon Web Services

Golriz is focused on innovating and scaling a new portfolio of products aimed at optimizing AWS solutions for visual effects and animation workflows with real-world production needs in mind for digital content creators.

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Guido Quaroni

Senior Director of Engineering, 3D & Immersive at Adobe Inc.

Guido is Senior Director of Engineering, 3D & Immersive at Adobe Inc.

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Guy Martin

Director, Open Source & Standards at NVIDIA

Guy Martin leads open source and standards efforts for the NVIDIA Omniverse simulation and 3D collaboration platform.

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Jordan Soles

VP Technology & Development at Rodeo FX

As the VP Technology & Development of Rodeo FX, Jordan oversees all technological aspects of the company, from IT infrastructure decisions, to software and pipeline design, through production management.

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Kimball Thurston

Senior Researcher, Weta Digital Ltd.

Kimball Thurston is a senior researcher at Weta Digital Ltd. in New Zealand, focused on rendering and related imaging areas.

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Laura Reznikov

Ray Tracing Kernels Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation

Laura is a Ray Tracing Kernels Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation

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Michael Ford

VP, Head of Software Development, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Michael Ford is VP, Head of Software Development at Sony Pictures Imageworks where he oversees the technology and software development of the award winning studio.

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Natalya Tatarchuk

Distinguished Technical Fellow and Chief Architect, VP, Professional Artistry and Graphics Innovation at Unity

Natalya Tatarchuk is a graphics engineer and a rendering enthusiast at heart currently focusing on driving the state-of-the-art rendering technology, graphics performance and content creation in her role at Unity.

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Rob Bredow

SVP, Executive Creative Director and Head of ILM

Rob Bredow runs Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) with a particular focus on the creative strategy for the storied visual effects company. He brings an innovative focus to the role, with a background in technology and hands-on experience both as a visual effects supervisor, technology executive, and production partner.

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Sebastian Sylwan

Director of R&D, Production Technologies at Netflix

Sebastian is Director of R&D, Production Technologies at Netflix. Attended at Università degli Studi di Milano.

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Sebastien Miglio

Sebastien Miglio

Senior Director, Product Management Unreal Engine Epic Games, Inc

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