The ASWF Governing Board (GB) is responsible for marketing and other business oversight and budget decisions for the Foundation. The GB does not make technical decisions, other than working with the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) to set the overall scope for the ASWF. The GB currently consists of these representatives:

Andrew Pearce

VP of Global Technology at DreamWorks

Andrew Pearce is VP of Global Technology at DreamWorks, where his projects have included establishing an analytics infrastructure at the studio, establishing technology platforms for DreamWorks TV, and spearheading Open Source initiatives such as ASWF, and OpenVDB which won a Sci/Tech Academy Award for its inventors.

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Andy Maltz

Managing Director, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Science Technology Council

Andy Maltz is the founding Managing Director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Science Technology Council.

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Daniel Heckenberg

R&D Supervisor - Graphics at Animal Logic, ASWF TAC chair

Daniel Heckenberg is R&D Supervisor - Graphics at Animal Logic, responsible for research and development in procedural geometry, rendering and animation engineering and tools.

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Darin Grant

CTO, Animal Logic

Darin Grant has over 20 years experience in the industry, holding a variety of senior positions as a technologist including Head of Production Technology at Dreamworks Animation and more recently as the Global CTO at Digital Domain and Method Studios where he drove innovation and operational excellence across engineering and operations.

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Dave Ward

Senior Vice President, Chief Architect, & CTO – Engineering at Cisco

Dave is Chief Architect at Cisco Systems, responsible for architectural governance, defining strategy, development of new technology and leading use-inspired research.

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Dr. Eric Bourque

Director of Engineering at Autodesk

Dr. Eric Bourque is a Director of Engineering for M&E products within the Entertainment Creation Group at Autodesk.

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Dr. Michael B. Johnson

Pro Workflow Architect, Systems Architecture & Design at Apple

Dr. Michael B. Johnson is a member of the Pro Workflow team at Apple.

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Erik Strauss

Director of Post Production Engineering at Netflix

Erik Strauss is Director of Post Production Engineering at Netflix, leading a group of software engineering teams focused on media workflow.

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Gerald Tiu

Director of Media and Entertainment for Microsoft Azure at Microsoft

Gerald Tiu is Director of Media and Entertainment for Microsoft Azure focusing on Content Creation

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Graham Jack

Chief Technology Officer at DNEG

Graham Jack is DNEG Chief Technical Officer. He is leading the company's technology team to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of its global pipeline and infrastructure, identifying and implementing measures to improve its efficiencies and help it reach its business objectives, and driving the on-going development of its technology strategy.

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Hank Driskill

Chief Technology Officer at Blue Sky Studios

Dr. Hank Driskill is the Chief Technology Officer at Blue Sky Studios, and is thrilled to be a part of Blue Sky’s team. Hank has encouraged a philosophy that innovation in our field should always be in service of making movies that matter; sharing technology across our industry through mechanisms like the ASWF will only help every studio tell stories that mean something.

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Jim Jeffers

Sr. Principal Engineer and Sr. Director, Advanced Rendering and Visualization at Intel

Jim Jeffers leads Intel’s Advanced Rendering and Visualization team developing open source CPU based rendering libraries used for generating animated movies, special effects, automobile design and scientific visualization working with companies like Disney and DreamWorks plus scientists like Stephen Hawking’s team.

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John Ison

Director, Media and Entertainment Partnerships of NVIDIA, Inc.

John Ison serves as Director, Media and Entertainment Partnerships of NVIDIA, Inc. He joined NVIDIA in 2012 after successful tenures at Omneon, Inc., where he was VP Marketing and Avid Technology, where he was VP, Product Management.

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Jordan Soles

VP Technology & Development at Rodeo FX

As the VP Technology & Development of Rodeo FX, Jordan oversees all technological aspects of the company, from IT infrastructure decisions, to software and pipeline design, through production management.

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Julie Truong

Executive Producer - Technology at Epic Games

Julie Truong joined Epic Games in 2016, where she is the Executive Producer in charge of Technology, overseeing product management for the Unreal Engine.

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Luca Fascione

Senior Head of Technology & Research at Weta Digital

Luca Fascione is Senior Head of Technology & Research at Weta Digital, where he oversees Weta’s core R&D efforts including Simulation and Rendering Research, Software Engineering and Production Engineering.

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Michael Ford

VP, Head of Software Development, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Michael Ford is VP, Head of Software Development at Sony Pictures Imageworks where he oversees the technology and software development of the award winning studio.

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Rob Bredow

SVP, Executive Creative Director and Head of ILM

Rob Bredow runs Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) with a particular focus on the creative strategy for the storied visual effects company. He brings an innovative focus to the role, with a background in technology and hands-on experience both as a visual effects supervisor, technology executive, and production partner.

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Todd Prives

Product Manager, Media & Entertainment, Cloud Platform at Google

Todd oversees the media and entertainment rendering and content creation roadmap for the Google Cloud Platform and works closely with major studios to develop solutions to extend their existing pipelines.

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Will McDonald

Head of Product Management – Studio Technology, AWS

Will McDonald is Head of Product Management – Studio Technology for Amazon Web Services, where he is responsible for the roadmap and strategy for products and services relating to content creation.

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