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To be successful, the Academy Software Foundation needs community members like you to contribute code, get involved, and help spread the word about the Foundation.

We encourage you to sign up for a mailing list, join a working group, participate in TAC discussions, contribute or follow an ASWF Project, and stay informed about ASWF news, progress, and events.

Interact with the Community

Mailing Lists

Discussion Forums for the TAC, Projects, and Working Groups.


Channels for projects, working groups, and general discussion.


GitHub Repos for ASWF projects, TAC, and Working Groups.

Meeting Calendar

Meeting details for the TAC, Projects, and Working Groups.

Join a Working Group

Continuous Integration (CI)

Managing multiple version builds, plus requirements for dependencies via the VFX Reference Platform.

Diversity & Inclusion

Encouraging diversity and inclusion across the open source software ecosystem for VFX and animation.


Assisting with issues raised in USD support channels, consolidating and sharing best practices for deployment of USD technologies.


The Rust bindings working group is dedicated to creating a foundation for C and Rust bindings for C++ libraries used by the media and entertainment industry.