The Technical Advisory Council (TAC) provides technical leadership for the Foundation. Its functions include:

  • establishing best practices and policies for the technical community
  • identifying any resource or development gaps
  • coordinating the community to address gaps
  • proposing new projects to the Governing Board
  • coordinating cross-project opportunities (e.g. a dev summit)

You can review the TAC activity or join the mailing list to participate.

The TAC Representatives Are:

Bill Ballew

VP of Research and Development, DreamWorks

Bill Ballew has a passion for computer science, graphics, animation, and working with artists to provide them with tools that inspire creativity.

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Brian Ciprano

Senior Software Engineer, Google

Brian is a Senior Software Engineer at Google and a Tech Lead on the Google's Cloud Media team, where he oversees and develops various products and solutions for media and entertainment customers.

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Cary Phillips

R&D Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

Cary Phillips is R&D Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, where he has worked since 1994. He holds a PhD in computer graphics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Cory Omand

Supervising Lead Software Engineer, Pixar Animation Studios

Cory Omand is a Supervising Lead Software Engineer at Pixar Animation studios, responsible for Pixar’s internal software development and deployment platform, used by R&D and production teams to produce high-quality film production pipelines.

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Daniel Heckenberg

R&D Supervisor - Graphics at Animal Logic, ASWF TAC chair

Daniel Heckenberg is R&D Supervisor - Graphics at Animal Logic, responsible for research and development in procedural geometry, rendering and animation engineering and tools.

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Dave Fellows

Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Dave is an engineering manager on the Azure cloud, responsible for the Azure Batch Rendering service and Azure Render Hub.

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Dr. Larry Gritz

Software Engineering Architect, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Dr. Larry Gritz is the Software Engineering Architect for Sony Pictures Imageworks, developing rendering technology as well as managing SPI's open source efforts.

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Dr. Michael B. Johnson

Pro Workflow Architect, Systems Architecture & Design at Apple

Dr. Michael B. Johnson is a member of the Pro Workflow team at Apple.

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Eric Enderton

Director of Film Rendering Technology at NVIDIA

Eric Enderton is Director of Film Rendering Technology at NVIDIA, developing and supporting the use of GPU ray tracing for visual effects and animation. He is a founder of DigiPro, the Digital Production Symposium.

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Gordon Bradley

Senior Software Architect, Autodesk Inc

Gordon joined Alias Wavefront in 2002 to work on Maya, where he had an intense introduction to sub-zero temperatures, shovelling snow and hockey. He’s currently the architect for Autodesk’s entertainment products, including Maya.

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Henry Vera

Head of Production Technology, DNEG

For over 25 years, Henry Vera has focused on providing innovative technologies to artists at companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Dreamworks Animation, Digital Domain, Autodesk and now DNEG.

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Jean-François Panisset

Jean-François Panisset has been a member of the Visual Effects Society Technology Committee since 2013. The VES Technology Committee was involved in the process leading to the creation of the ASWF and has been responsible for the closely related VFX Reference Platform project.

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Ken Museth

Head of Research & Development in Simulations, Weta Digital

Ken Museth is the Head of Research & Development in Simulations at Weta Digital, focusing on developing state-of-the-art VFX for the Avatar sequels.

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Kimball Thurston

Senior Researcher, Weta Digital Ltd.

Kimball Thurston is a senior researcher at Weta Digital Ltd. in New Zealand, focused on rendering and related imaging areas.

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Matt Kuhlenschmidt

Tools Team Lead, Epic Games

Matt Kuhlenschmidt leads the tools team at Epic Games. The tools team is responsible for the UE4 Editor, Epics VFX tools, and cinematic tools.

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Michael Dolan

Color Scientist, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Michael Dolan is a Color Scientist and Senior Software Engineer at Sony Pictures Imageworks, where he leads SPI's color pipeline, and develops 2D and 3D image processing and pipeline tools.

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Mike O’Gorman

Distinguished Engineer, Cisco

Mike O’Gorman is a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco Systems, leading a team of 30+ software developers in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office.

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Pilar Molina Lopez

Senior Software Engineer, Blue Sky Studios

Pilar Molina Lopez is a Senior Software Engineer at Blue Sky Studios, where she works mostly on research and development in animation and rigging tools. Before joining Blue Sky she worked as an Assistant Technical Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Columbia University.

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Sean Looper

Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Sean Looper is a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS, focused exclusively on content creation industries. Over nearly 20 years in VFX and Animation, Sean has held software engineering positions within studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Method, and R!OT where he has driven initiatives including global production pipelines to high-performance distributed lighting and rendering systems.

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Sean McDuffee

Graphics Software Engineer at Intel

Sean McDuffee is a Graphics Software Engineer at Intel with the Advanced Rendering and Graphics Architecture Group.

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