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Variety: Hollywood Goes Open Source: Academy Teams Up With Linux Foundation to Launch Academy Software Foundation

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Hollywood now has its very own open source organization: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has teamed up with the Linux Foundation to launch the Academy Software Foundation, which is dedicated…


Rob Bredow talks about how media and technological innovation can join forces to tell great stories and create groundbreaking experiences. SIGGRAPH 2018.

This week, Andi from the Star Wars Show sits down with Head of ILM and VFX Supervisor on Solo, Rob Bredow.

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The Trivalve is functionally monocular, a trait common on 4546B. While the central eye offers high resolution, it is poor at perceiving relative distance.

This is instead achieved through ocelli above and below the primary eye which act as rangefinders. #subnautica
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@cgwirenews So exciting! Reach out Emily Olin and she can help you further. eolin
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@AcademySwf Hello AcademySWF! We do open source in CG and we would love to meet you at FMX. Who can we contact to set up a meeting there?
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If you are interested in helping support the industry’s open source community, and want to join a diverse and inclusive community, we encourage you to get involved. twtrdr2 photo