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OpenVDB Releases Version 10.0 with new OpenVDB Link

OpenVDB version 10.0 is now available! Originally developed at DreamWorks Animation and contributed to the Academy Software Foundation in 2018, OpenVDB is an industry standard library for manipulating sparse dynamic volumes, which are used by VFX studios for creating realistic volumetric images such as water/liquid simulations and environmental effects like clouds and ice.

Highlights of this major release include:

  • Introducing OpenVDB Link, which provides a Mathematica interface to OpenVDB. This link ports over access to various grid containers including level sets, fog volumes, vector grids, integer grids, Boolean grids, and mask grids. Construction, modification, combinations, visualizations, queries, import, export, etc. can be achieved over grids too. Any Mathematica 3D region that’s ConstantRegionQ and BoundedRegionQ can be represented as a level set grid, providing a more seamless integration with OpenVDB.
  • A new command line tool, dubbed vdb_tool, that can combine any number of the high-level tools available in openvdb/tools.
  • Many other bug fixes, new features, and improvements.

Highly customizable and designed for high performance, OpenVDB has been adopted by Houdini 3D Animation Tools, Pixar’s RenderMan, Solid Angle’s Arnold, and RealFlow, among many other visual effects and animation technologies.

See the full release notes and technical documentation for additional information.