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Mod Tech Labs Joins the Academy Software Foundation

The Academy Software Foundation is excited to welcome Mod Tech Labs as its newest general member company. A software developer based in Buffalo, New York, Mod Tech Labs utilizes machine learning to optimize creative workflows and empower digital artists, particularly those working in virtual production. 

“Virtual production has reshaped the visual effects industry, and Mod Tech Labs brings a forward-thinking approach to open source in this space. We’re pleased to have them as members of the Academy Software Foundation, and look forward to their collaboration and contributions,” shared David Morin, Executive Director of the Academy Software Foundation.

Mod Tech Labs’ solutions automate select processes in order to intelligently scale 3D assets for peak performance on LED walls or other platforms, making it easy for stage operators and content creators to ensure visual consistency. By joining the Academy Software Foundation, Mod Tech Labs aims to play a greater role in the continued development of open source projects including OpenEXR, OpenImageIO, and OpenColorIO, and to get more involved with additional projects such as OpenCue, OpenTimelineIO, Open Shading Language, OpenVDB, MaterialX, and the Open Review Initiative.

“Our company’s commitment to open source is because we believe together we can make more of an impact than alone,” said Tim Porter, CTO of Mod Tech Labs. “This partnership with the Academy Software Foundation underscores our dedication to advancing open source tools and standards within the industry, aligning with the mission to simplify and enhance content creation for artists worldwide.”

The Academy Software Foundation welcomes new members to support its mission of fostering a healthy open source ecosystem. To learn about more about becoming a member, visit