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OpenTimelineIO Beta 12 Release is Available

By March 24, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments


The beta 12 release of OpenTimelineIO, an interchange format and API for editorial cut information, is now available. This is the first release with a C++ core. The adapters remain in python, but the core library and algorithms are implemented in C++. 

Big Changes:

  • C++ Core: the core of opentimelineio is now pybind11-wrapped C++. (see above)
  • otiopluginfo command was added for printing information about plugins visible to otio
  • Kdenlive adapter included in contrib 
  • Also includes preliminary swift bindings

Small Changes:

  • Tweaks to the repo in anticipation of the move to being hosted by the Academy Software Foundation
  • hook function arguments are passable to all commandline scripts
  • Documentation for the C++ core, debugging and building
  • local manifests are loaded so that they override the internal manifests for plugins 
  • Lots of upgrades for the AAF adapter 
  • SchemaDefs now have a repr method 
  • CMX EDL Adapter supports multiple locators per clip now 

You can get the code and find additional information here:

Thank you to all of the community contributors!